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Thursday, September 29, 2005

About Acquires NorthSky, Inc.

I couldn't find any old articles still online about the acquisition of NorthSky and the Freeservers brand by in December of 1999. Here is an old FreeServers newsletter that tells a little bit of the story:

We launched our millionth web site this month which propels us into the ranks of a handful of other large web hosting companies that have achieved this milestone. In 21 months we've become a booming Internet property, which is amazing considering our humble beginnings in a back room at a former dance club. We grew so much that we were noticed by (the 10th largest Web property on the Internet) and then purchased by them. (NASDAQ: BOUT). We believe this will help us provide members with a truly world class web hosting experience, and look forward to being able to continue developing tools and services for those free web site owners and all of those people who continue to discover what a great service we are providing when they sign up for their own free web sites.

"We have been driving this thing at light speed since we came out of the gate." says Hal Halladay, North Sky's CEO. "Reaching one million sites is a significant milestone for North Sky and our site-hosting community." We attribute the meteoric growth of to the grass roots popularity of our web building tools and the unique ability for site owners to incorporate their name or special interest into the site address (i.e. Halladay also suggests the achievement is great for Utah; "This is the place where it all started." With Utah in-mind, North Sky developed and launched an honorary millionth site: The site is a tribute to Utah. is owned by North Sky, Inc., and we started our company in 1998 in a back room at the Star Palace, a former dance club, in Provo, Utah. The company has since grown to 45 employees and moved to the former WordPerfect/Novell campus in Orem. Late last year, North Sky was purchased by (NASDAQ: BOUT), for $40 million in an all-stock transaction. Media Metrix, a leader in Internet and Digital Media measurements, has ranked as a leading news, information and entertainment Web property in the U.S. The addition of's million web sites and more than 5 million unique visitors per month has moved to the # 10 Web property in the world (Media Metrix, January 2000).


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