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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

VSpring names 100 top entrepreneurs

This was vSpring's V100 list for 2004.

VSpring names 100 top entrepreneurs

Deseret Morning News

Salt Lake-based vSpring Capital has assembled a group of top entrepreneurs deemed "most likely to play an active role in building and growing successful technology or biotechnology companies in the next five to seven years."
Selected by peers, the group is known as the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs, or "v100." Each member is based in Utah or has significant ties to the state.
VSpring said the group was compiled as a way to recognize the region's outstanding entrepreneurs and to support and promote collaborative partnering and mentoring among top entrepreneurs in the region.
Members will determine the group's future activities.
"The v100 is an extraordinary group of business leaders who are being recognized by their peers in the business community," said Greg Warnock, managing director of vSpring Capital. "As a result, the v100 represents individual business excellence in a unique way.
"Most importantly, the v100 members are being recognized on the premise that their peers believe they will continue to be the leaders and innovators of the technology and biotechnology industries throughout the coming years. I also believe the concept of the v100 may prove to be a valuable framework for other venture capital organizations looking for a vehicle to identify, promote and support successful venture entrepreneurs in their areas."
Late last year, vSpring asked business community leaders to nominate people for the group. Nominees then were asked to participate in a confidential online survey to vote for the top 10 individuals each nominee felt would be the most likely to meet the selection criteria, with the final tally generating the v100.
VSpring will build a private Web community for members to communicate among themselves and vSpring partners. Members will be invited to participate in a vSpring-sponsored recognition lunch and golf tournament designed to kick off the group's inauguration and to further membership collaboration, and they will also be invited to participate in ongoing, executive-level roundtables and will continue to help identify and recognize Utah's successful executives and managers.
VSpring said the initial membership has raised more than $1.8 billion in capital and formed companies that created more than 7,000 jobs. Ninety percent of the members live in Utah and more than 70 percent of members have founded Utah-based businesses during the past decade.
"Those nominated to the v100 have made a significant positive impact to the Utah economy and the quality of life for its people," said Scott Peterson, Ernst & Young's Pacific Northwest area assurance managing partner and the former managing partner of the Ernst & Young Salt Lake City office.
"The v100 is solid proof that Utah is not only a phenomenal incubator of innovative technologies and technology companies, but that it has a large pool of seasoned executives and technologists driving that success. It is likely they will continue to drive this trend, which makes it appropriate for them to be recognized in this way."
Group members are Curt D. Allen, Agilix Labs; Matt Asay, Novell; David Bailey, RappidMapper; Ragula Bhaskar, FatPipe; Jack Blount, Dynix; David Bradford, Intermountain Technology Ventures, Jeff Brimhall, Ikano Communications; J.D. Brisk, KeyLabs; Nolan Bushnell, Uwink; Greg Butterfield, Altiris; Patrick M. Byrne,; Kevin Calderwood, Baan Americas; Matt Cameron, Engage Thoughtware; David L Carter, S5 Wireless; Don Cash, First Choice Solutions; Edwin Catmull, Pixar; David Clark, NPS Pharmaceuticals; James Clark, Neoteris; Michael Colemere,; Paul H. Cook, A Child's Hope Foundation; Art Coombs, KomBea; Jonathan Coon, 1-800-Contacts; Kim A. Cooper, Exceed;
Julian B. Critchfield, Dynix; Dr. Gregory C. Critchfield, Myriad Genetics Laboratories; Gary L. Crocker, Crocker Ventures; Bernard Daines, Linux Networx; Nicole Toomey Davis, Enclavix; Thomas C. Davis Jr., LANDesk; Terry Dickson, Avinti; Dana Doggett, LanSchool; Jim Dreyfous, UV Partners; Brett Error, Omniture; Bjorn Espenes, Infopia; Rick C. Farr, C. Eric Farr & Associates; Bob Frankenberg, Kinzan; Darin D. Gilson, Banyan Ventures; Gary Goodrich, ProPay USA; Mike Hall, LANDesk Software; Robert Harbour, Lumidigm; Joshua Harr, Linux Networx; Ron Heinz, Helius; Glenn J. Hinton, Intel; Brent Israelson, NxLight; Eliot Jacobsen, 0 to 60 Ventures; Eric Jacobsen, Dolphin II;
Josh James, Omniture; James U. Jensen, NPS Pharmaceuticals; Kimberley A. Jones, Verite; Gary D. Kennedy, Double Eagle Ventures; Pratap Khanwilkar, MedQuest Products; William Kilmer, Intel; John M. Knab, Phonex Broadband; Jeff Knowles, Mtrex; Richard K. Koehn, Genta; Fred Lampropoulos, Merit Medical Systems; Darren Lee, NextPage; Scott C. Lemon, The SCO Group; Amy Rees Lewis, IPOP; Ron S. Lindorf, Humanvoice; Drew Major, Move Networks; Ty D. Mattingly, SBI Group; Margaret McKenzie, 4Charity; H. Scott McKinley, Northface University; Peter D. Meldrum, Myriad Genetics; Glen D. Mella, Triton PCS; Craig Miller, LDS Church; David Moon, EsNet; Matt Mosman, Cerberian; Jan Newman, Altiris; Tom Ngo, NextPage; Eric Olafson, Tomax; Daniel Oswald, Star Bridge Systems; Dinesh Patel, vSpring Capital;
Brad D. Pelo, NextPage; Tyrone F. Pike, Cemaphore Systems; Larry Rigby, ZARS; Shane Robison, Hewlett Packard; Brad Romney, Intel; Nolan Rosen, LANDesk Software; Robert K. Rowe, Lumidigm; Eric Ruff, QuicKutz; Michael R. Samuelian, Altiris; Kimball C. Shill, The Event Source; Eric Smith, Control4; James L. Sorenson Jr., Sorenson Media; Bryan Sparks, DeviceLogics; Tim Stay, Marketing Ally; Randy Steck, Siprian; Patricia Steigauf, Career Management Counseling & Coaching; Tom Stockham,; Chris Stone, Novell; Chuck Stucki, Cisco; Jack W. Sunderlage, JW Sunderlage & Associates; John Sutherland, BYU Office of IT; Daren Thayne,; Mikko Valimaki, Cerberian; Joe Wang, LANDesk Software; Will West, Control4; and Phillip J. Windley, The Windley Group.


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